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From the board room to the barn yard

We weren’t born farmers

Just a few years ago, we’d never touched a cow, chicken or pig. We’re like so many other farm stories, a couple who had enough of the rat race and wanted a simpler life. So we opted out of our suburban Atlanta HOA community, and bought the farm. Literally.

Perhaps we should have just joined a CSA or supported a farmers market. That would have connected us with the origin of our food, but we wanted much more. We wanted to be a change agent, for the land, for the animals and for people who were tired of not knowing where their food came from. So we dove in, head first, and started our farming journey.

Now, 10 years later, we know it was the right decision for us and our community.

We also know that farming isn’t something that everyone can do. So we’re thrilled to be here as your farmer, while you’re there as our doctor, lawyer, teacher, fireman or whatever profession you’re drawn to.

But we were born to farm!

The “Truth” About Grassfed

We hear the phrase grassfed beef often, but what does that really mean? Does it mean the cows are fed grass and only grass their entire lives? Or does it mean they are grass "finished," but fed corn prior to that? And what about the quality of the grass? We tend to...

Whey Fed Pork

Our heritage Mangalitsa pigs had a wonderful autumn crunching acorns in the forest. Now, we've moved them to a finishing paddock where they are knocking back their favorite beverage of the holiday season; whey from our award-winning farmstead cheese. These piggies...


We hope you didn't miss our recent farm dinner. What a fantastic meal served up by our local James Beard award-winning chef and his crew! The menu featured rare-breed braised Mangalitsa pork belly, our farmstead blue cheese served with local pears and honey, as well...


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